Living in the moment with no concern for the future
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Deep Tissue Massage: what you do is always very good. I always feel so much better in terms of my pain and it’s rejuvenating.
Thank you for helping me to get through my sleeping problem with hypnotherapy, and for sorting those other things out!
Just a little note to let you know that the IVF treatment worked. I believe the acupuncture was a great contributor to that.
Just to say how much I enjoyed my lovely reiki. A real birthday treat! Thank you Liz.
Thank you for listening and your help, support and guidance with hypnotherapy to help me with my recent depression. I am now more happy, confident and feeling better about myself.
Amanda keeps me going with my regular session of deep tissue/fascial release massage. She has magic hands.
Both Liz and Amanda provide professional and feel good sessions for me; Pilates 1-2-1 is helping me relax and keep the aches and pains away, Liz isn’t quite so successful with my wrinkles using facial acupunture but she has the harder task! Highly recommend Carpe Diem to anyone any time.
I do regular walks and running. I find that a weekly massage keeps me supple and could possibly prevent injury.
Amanda’s massage feels thoughtful and adapts to suit what I bring. She is open to working on whatever needs it. I like it being straightforward.
A pleasure to deal with. Amazing treatment for my young son with hypnotherapy. Such a change in him, I can’t thank you enough.
Brilliant service! I feel a million times better in my neck and shoulders. All the pain has gone for the first time in years. Also really great nutritional help from Clare Stone. Keep up all the good work!
Had acupuncture fertility to help before and during our fertility treatment which I’m sure helped. Had reflexology towards the end of pregnancy which I’m sure helped baby arrive sooner! We are proud ¬†and happy to have our miracle baby.
Thank you for seeing me for a few sessions of hypnotherapy. I was dubious but my sister sang your praises and I’m glad I came. After previously failing my last two HGV tests I’m delighted to tell you I’ve passed! Thanks.
I just wanted to let you know how much your treatment helped. My wife and I listened to your CD many times before the birth, which kept us calm and relaxed. Following my hypnotherapy treatments I was able to cope with supporting my wife through the birth, intensive care and other treatments that occurred as a result of my son’s complications without it triggering what had been a hugely problematic phobia. Thank you.