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Deep Tissue Massage

Especially good for chronic problems around joints such as shoulders and hips, also very effective for back/neck ache and pain. Equally as good for acute problems. Starting with soothing massage to warm the tissue, the therapist will apply several stretch or release techniques depending on what is appropriate to you at a depth you can cope with. We don’t believe in no pain no gain, but we do sometimes encourage out those stubborn problems which may be uncomfortable at the time but will pay dividends in the end. This massage is great for releasing stiff and painful areas and helping to restore movement and function. Our extremely experienced therapists work intuitively and will often incorporate emmet technique, pressure point release or fascia release technique. This will ensure that the treatment is potentially more comfortable and any possible reaction is lessened. Treatments are personal and targeted at the symptoms/pain syndrome or dysfunction you present whilst considering less obvious cause and effect.