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Traditional Ayurveda Massage


“Abhyanga” simply means application of oil to the whole body. This full body oil massage is performed through sequence of hand movements to completely relax the muscles, tissues, ligaments of the whole body further providing deep rest, relaxation and detoxification, reducing physical and mental stress, providing relief not only from worries but also from aches and pains.


Also called as the “Third Eye Drip” – starts with the continuous flow of warm herbal oil poured in a delicate and slow movement giving a soothing effect to the forehead, to the nerve cells of the brain. This profoundly relaxing treatment switches off the restless and stressed mind inducing complete rest. It gives an individual a unique experience ideal for sheer bliss. This treatment is highly effective also in case of anxiety, insomnia.


“Marma” simply means “hidden” or “secret”. The blocked energy points are unblocked through by gentle touch and stimulation of specific secret energy points in this most delicate yet powerful treatment which brings the body and mind to a harmonious state. The Marma or “secret” points get blocked by improper lifestyle habits and mental, emotional or physical stress. Marma Treatment promotes a deep rest to the body organs and the mind, bringing all the 3 dosha’s (Vata, Pitta, Kapha) in balance.